This game was made for the game jam Mini Jam 47 in under 3 days(72 hours).  I started programming in Unity c# a few months ago and decided to take part in a game jam. What a ride it has been. I learned a ton about c# and game-development in general.


In this game you are downloading a picture of a bird but suddenly you have no internet. Your computer is using too much power for the router to work properly. You then decide to go modify the power output from the powerplant. What better way to get to the powerplant than by running on the power cable all the way there? 

**Guns(3 seconds reload)**

Sniper: 1 round

Revolver: 6 rounds

MP5: 15 rounds

Minigun: Unlimited rounds(no reload)

I hope you enjoy!(sorry for bad RNG :D)

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